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Wondering if you have good enough credit for a fancy new car or a big luxurious house? Get your credit score for free, it is the fastest way to find out. You will receive a comparison between 3 free statements by Credit Professionals along with guidance and support to help you get your credit score right where you want it.
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Yes, that's right, you can acquire a free copy of your credit score right here. Just click on the button above that best describes the type of statement you're interested in and we'll direct you to the right bureau to receive that information - at absolutely no cost to you!

Monitoring your credit score is a great way to fully stay on top of your credit. It is an absolute must if you wish to try and clean up any unwanted problems with your statement.

What Is My Credit Score?

A credit statement is an accurate list of your existing credit, residence and employment history, which is used by lenders to resolve your creditworthiness. It also files any bankruptcies, tax liens, or similar business entered against you.

What Is The Significance Of Having A 3-in-1 Statement?

The reasoning behind having all 3 credit bureaus evaluate your credit score while combining them to one sheet for simple convenience to understand and compare. With all 3 credit scores you will receive the most complete personal credit statement for your needs.

Let Us Help Clean Up Your Credit Score

Ever have problems with having your bills paid on time and are worried about how this affects your credit score? Not to worry. Millions of other people are in the same boat as you as well. There is though 5 basic ways to help you improve your credit score.

  • Charging less on your credit card
  • Closing old accounts can hurt your credit history
  • Bankruptcy is a major mark against you for your credit score.
  • Try as hard as you can to pay your bills on time.
  • Don't be afraid to seek credit help.

Did You Know...

The more credit cards that you have the more your credit history is at risk.

Did You Know...

According to the 2005 Identity Fraud Survey conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research for the Better Business Bureau, an estimated 9.3 million Americans became the victims of identity theft in 2004.
By Gerri Willis, CNN/Money contributing columnist

Did You Know...

Credit scores are sometimes called FICO scores, because the software used to calculate a great number of scores was created by Fair Issac Corporation (FICO)